New Mobile Digital Congress Revolution
Yes, we can and must do better. It is time for a change in the digital world, to improve online human interaction and communication in Washington and in the USA. The new advent of modern technology allows people to better interact through mobile software, cell phones, twitter and new apps technologies created by iOs and Android. Now the people of Florida District deserve an independent, honest, energetic voice to improve the digital divide in the United States Congress. If you want to support our new online campaign please subscribe to our new Facebook fan, Twitter or Whatsapp group. You can also access through our community with your smartphone by downloading the chat apps from the apple or android app store. For more information about our future events please subscribe to the Whatsapp Klein for congress event, by sendind a text message to (01)0327843353 or writing an email to klein-chatgroup @ .

Past events
09/14/2006 : Digital Coral Springs Canvass
11/14/2006 : New West Palm Beach Apps
12/15/2006 : Boynton Beach iOs Canvass

08/27/2006 - Digital Klein congressional race revives debate about future of online Social Security through whatsapp apps.
07/25/2006 - Part D 'mobile phone hole' apps for politicians
05/25/2006 - Digital war could be a key factor in online apps election

Our new group activity is going to serve on the following committees: Online Education; Digital Education Appropriations; Mobile E-Commerce; Economic Opportunities and App Consumer Services; Criminal Justice; Rules and Calendar and the Intergovernmental Relations Digital Joint Committee.

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