Great Tips For Wedding Lingerie Shopping

Lingerie can make a big difference between looking good and looking fabulous on your wedding day. Choosing the right bra and innerwear is an integral part of the wedding planning process. You should choose a wedding gown first when going to buy wedding lingerie. Lingerie items you purchase will depend on the cut of your dress. A strapless gown requires different innerwear than a gown with long sleeves. Get professionally fitted for a bra and wearing the wrong size can make you look heavier on the bust line than you actually are.

Weddings are special and occasions where you should look your best, so make sure you know your exact bra size before buying any wedding lingerie. Buying a longline bra in your appropriate bra size fastens at the small of your back and has a corset effect on your torso. Styles are available in straps as well as strapless designs. These kinds of bras can be worn under any kind of wedding gown and show off your body to it’s advantage.

Purchasing body slimmers or shapewear is a good idea when it comes to buying great wedding lingerie for yourself. If you have gained a few pounds or if your gown clings to your hips, a shapewear product will help flatten any bulges and make you look slimmer. It’s rarely sexy and can be uncomfortable if your gown has a skirt, it’s not necessary. You should decide whether shapewear is worth the less than elegant look and possible discomfort. If you’re wearing closed shoes you will need pantyhose but if they are open toe sandals, you should opt for toeless pantyhose. Choose a hose and garter belt for a sexy wedding night surprise.

Buying a wedding night negligee after you’ve changed of your wedding gown is what you’d like to add to your wedding lingerie shopping list. A teddy, nightie, corset and garter set or a silk nightgown will add some mystery to your wedding night. Choose what looks sexiest on you and what you think the groom would find appealing. Also look for something you feel comfortable in. Wedding lingerie is often in white or ivory but you can also go for red, black or any other color.

While choosing the fabric for your wedding gown, smooth fabrics show a lot of creases while lace does not. Make sure your undergarment improves your shape. Wedding lingerie is a vital part of your trousseau and there are a multitude of styles and types available today. The most popular colour is white which is a symbol of purity. If shopping for a gown it’s a good idea to bring in different styles of your own lingerie so you have an idea of what works best under the gown. Choose a halter bra or a deep plunge bra for dresses with deep necklines and halter dresses. Select adhesive bras to provide support and eliminate bra lines. Adhesive bras are suitable for those with smaller breasts. Padded panties add some curve to a flat derriere Ms Seduction.

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